Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ok, Tata, bye-bye

Greenpeace has been trying to convince the Tatas that building the Dhamra port will essentially make sure that we wipe out the highly-endangered Olive Ridley turtles that come to nest close to the proposed port site. With Ratan Tata busy buying up exclusive international companies, maybe he has forgotten what he had promised - that the port would not be developed if there was definite proof that the Olive Ridleys will be affected. As an attempt to jog his memory, Greenpeace has now roped in the voices of Sholay.

Make sure you also check out some of the cool facts that they have put up about the turtles at the bottom of the box. I hate spam but unlike prayer chains and luck chains, I think one mail that might save the turtles or atleast inform you of their plight is OK to receive: