Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Camp 14000ft Finally!

Yes, the camp is up and running. All 6 bighas (an acre approximately) of it, complete with loos (that we made ourselves), a mess 50-person mess tent (that we made ourselves as well) and electricity (well, we didn't make it, but we strung the cable ourselves) and tents spread in between the oak and deodar trees.

The first group is here as well, a 27-strong group of school children from Nagpur. Thanks to the fabulous views from the campsite of the mountains on the entire left bank of the Beas and that we are close to the bazaar - barely 5 km - they are enjoying their stay. Also helps that we managed to get a piece of land adjoining the forest of Manali Wildlife Sanctuary and we get sightings of blackbirds, magpies, hoopoes and lots of other birds.

The current cook, from Nagpur has also been feeding us good, spicy Maharashtrian fare. Spicy food on chilly spring nights is an irresistible combination.

To do list for the next few days: Add the cosmetic touches like wooden sign boards, get a scrapbook in place for suggestions etc and of course, get more groups to come to the camp. It is ideal for those who don't want to trek but want a part of the outdoors...

Here are some images of the camp and of a fabulous sunset that we caught a few days ago from the camp:

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