Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why do I live in the mountains?

Why do I live in the mountains?
To see the first sun's rays climb over the mountain to hit the trees behind me
To see the last do the same to the mountain opposite
To wake up to whistling and laughing thrushes
To feel the South-westerly numbing my face as it comes down the valley
To know the spaces that these mountains offer - valleys and gorges and meadows and forests
To gaze at the endless sky with stars so many that they look like a vast city lit up
To still be surprised by how bright the moonlight can be to make distant peaks seem next-door
To know that I needn't hear any traffic, battle a rush hour or worry about office schedules here
To be sure of the one truth - that nowhere else is complete for me


DINKAR said...

What should I say..Amazing .
Kaushal Aap Mahaan Ho

Deepak Singh said...

live life... the mountain size !!!
the essence of life, both worldly and spiritual, is cocooned in the mountains - the great Himalayas...of the great || Bharat Varsh ||